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MiniFigs 15mm Super-Detail Ancients Listings

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ROME & THE BARBARIANS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roman Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-101 Legionares A-102 Praetorian Gaurd A-103 Auxiliary Infantry A-104 Mercernary Barbarian Infantry A-105 Archers A-106 Infanry Command Roman Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-121 Guard Cavalry-Equites Singularis A-122 Auxilary Medium Cavalry A-123 Auxilary Heavy Cavalry A-124 Auxilary Light Cavalry A-125 Roman Mtd Command Barbarian Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-141 Spearmen A-142 Upper-Class Spearmen A-143 Javelinmen A-144 Swordsmen A-145 Axemen A-146 Archers A-147 Slingers A-148 Barbarian Infantry Command Barbarian Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-161 Light Cavalry A-162 Medium Cavalry A-163 Heavy Cavalry A-164 Barbarian Mounted Command A-171 War Chariots {2}
**************************************************** ****************************************************
ROME & THE EAST <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Byzantine Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-201 Heavy Inf A-202 Light Archers A-203 Slingers & Crossbowmen A-204 Byzantine Infantry Command Byzantine Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-221 Heavy Cavalry A-222 Light Cavalry A-223 Horse Archers A-224 Hun Mercernary Cavalry A-225 Byzantine Cavalry Command Eastern Nations Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-241 Sassanid Levy Spearmen A-242 Sassanid Archers A-243 Sassanid Javelins & Slingers A-244 Sassanid Inf Command A-245 Parthian Levy Archers A-246 Palmyran Archers A-247 Armenian Javelins & Archers A-248 Eastern Infantry Command Eastern Nations Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-261 Sassanid Light Cavalry A-262 Sassanid Clibanarii A-263 Sassanid Cataphracts A-264 Sassanid Cavalry Command A-265 Parthian Horse Archers A-266 Parthian Cataphracts A-267 Parthian Cavalry Command A-268 Palmyran Regular Cavalry A-269 Palmyran Irregular Cavalry A-270 Palmyran Cataphracts A-271 Palmyran Cavalry Command A-272 Armenian Horse Archers A-273 Armenian Cataphracts A-274 Eastern Cavalry Command A-275 Palmyran Heavy Camelmen {6} Elephant Set 1 @ 7.50 A-281 Sassanid War Elephant & Crew
************************************************** READY TO CONQUOR THE KNOWN WORLD?!!! THE FORCES OF ALEXANDER AWAIT YOUR ORDERS!!!!! **************************************************
ALEXANDER the GREAT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alexander's Army Infantry @ 7.00 A-301 Macedonian Phalangites w/Pike {16} Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-302 Macedonian Hypaspist {Spearmen} A-303 Macedonian Peltast A-304 Macedonian Javelinmen A-305 Macedonian Archers A-306 Macedonian Slingers & Staff Slingers A-307 Greek Mercenary Hoplite A-308 Macedonian Infantry Command Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-321 Companion Heavy Cavalry A-322 Thessalian Heavy Cavalry A-323 Thessalian or Thracian Javelin Cavalry A-324 Thracian Scout Lancers A-325 Macedonian Cavalry Command Alexander's Enemies Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-341 Persian Spearmen A-342 Persian Archers A-343 Persian Slingers A-344 Persian Infantry Command A-345 Indian Archers A-346 Indian Javelinmen Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-361 Persian Javelin Cavalry A-362 Persian Heavy Spearmen Cavalry A-363 Persian Cataphracts A-364 Persian Cavalry Command A-365 Dahae {Scythian} Horse Archers A-366 Indian Javelin Cavalry Chariot Sets @ 7.50 A-371 Persian War Chariot {2} A-372 Indian Light Chariot {2} A-373 Indian Heavy Chariot Elephant Sets @ 7.50 A-376 Indian War Elephant w/Crew A-377 Indian Cmd/King's Elephant with Crew Successor Period Infantry @ 7.00 A-381 Successor Phalangites {16} Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-391 Successor Light Javelin Cavalry A-392 Successor Heavy Cavalry A-393 Arab Camelmen w/Swords {6} A-394 Arab Camelmen w/Bow {6} Elephant Set @ 7.50 A-396 Successor Armored War Elephant w/Crew
*************************************************** CAN YOU HOLD THE PASS AT THERMOPYLAE? KING XERXES WANTS THROUGH, AND HE BROUGHT HELP! ***************************************************
THE 300 SPARTANS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sparta & Allied States Infantry 24 @ 7.50 A-401 Spartan Hoplite A-402 Greek Hoplite A-403 Greek Hoplite {Rear Rank} A-404 Greek Peltasts A-405 Greek Javelinmen A-406 Greek Archers & Slingers A-407 Greek Infantry Command Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-421 Greek Heavy Cavalry A-422 Thessalian Javelin Cavalry A-423 Mounted Hoplites A-424 Greek Mounted Command The Persian Empire 24 @ 7.50 A-441 Immortals w/Spears & Bows A-442 Persian-Type-Spearmen w/Bows A-443 Assyrian Spearmen A-444 Sakae {Scythian} w/Axes & Bows A-445 East Ethiopian Bowmen A-446 Bactrian-Type Spearmen w/Bows A-447 Caspian-Type Bowmen A-448 Sarangian Bowmen w/Spears A-449 Ethiopians w/Long bows A-450 Arabian Bowmen A-451 Libyan Javelinmen A-452 Paphalogian-Type Spearmen A-453 Mysian-Type Javelinmen A-454 Thracian Spearmen A-456 Pisidian Spearmen A-456 Cabelee-Type Javelinmen A-457 Milyae Spearmen A-458 Phoenician,Lycian,Egyptian Marines A-459 Persian Infantry Command Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-461 Persian-Type Cavalry A-462 Bactrian-Type Cavalry A-463 Indian Horse Archers A-464 Sakae Horse Archers A-465 Persian Cavalry Command (SEE ALEXANDER the GREAT LISTS FOR CHARIOTS/CAMELS)
************************************************** THE ROMAN REPUBLIC HAS COMPANY COMING DOWN FROM THE ALPS. IS YOUR WELCOMING COMMITTEE READY???? **************************************************
HANNIBAL VS. ROME <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roman Army 24 @ 7.50 A-501 ROMAN HASTATI A-502 ROMAN PRINCEPS or Triari A-503 ROMAN VELITES W/Javelins A-504 Roman Infantry Command Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-521 Roman Cavalry Command (SEE: Alexander the Great/ Successor Period List for Other Cavalry) **** Roman Light Cavalry: use Set A-391 **** Roman Heavy Cavalry: use Set A-392 HANNIBAL'S ARMY INFANTRY 24 @ 7.50 A-541 Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen A-542 Gallic Infantry Swordsmen A-543 Spanish Heavy Spearmen {Scutarii} A-544 Spanish Light Javelins {Caetrati} A-545 Numidian or Moorish Javelinmen A-546 Balearic Slingers A-547 Carthaginian Infantry Command ***** Lybyan Infantry: use Set A-451 (in The 300 Spartans/Persian List) Cavalry 8 @ 7.00 A-561 Carthaginian Noble Cavalry A-562 Spanish Medium Cavalry A-563 Numidian Javelin Cavalry A-564 Carthaginian Cavalry Command ***** Gallic Cavalry: use Set A-163 (in Rome & Barbarians List) Elephant Set @ 7.50 A-581 Carthaginian War Elephant w/Crew
*************************************************** CLOSE UP ON THE 15MM EARLY ASSYRIANS AND EGYPTIANS: "What is especially noteworthy is the care taken with the chariot sets. The Egyptian chariot found in the command set is the same as the regular chariot also offerred, as it apparently was, though more ornately decorated. However, in addition to a pharoah figure, the command chariot differs in being provided with a special horse with trappings only used by the pharoah. A separate pack of chariot runners is provided. In the Assyrian command set is found a special general's chariot which differs from the regular two-horse and four-horse chariots also offered. The command chariot has a general and driver and its own special team. The two-horse chariot has a driver and armoured archer and its own aarmoured horse team. Finally, the four-horse chariot, which is a larger version of the regular two-horse one, has a different archer, a driver, a shield-bearer, and its own special horse. For those who've wanted to do chariot armies, these two ranges should do nicely. A very clever design has been used to make them, they are all two-piece, bed and carriage plus wheels [which are different for each chariot]. Please note that as the Assyrians mixed archers and spearmen in the same units, those sets are arranged that way. As the Egyptians apparently did not mix bow and spear, we have offered them in seperate packs. ***************************************************
EARLY ASSYRIANS c. 8th-9th Century B.C. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Infantry - 24 @ 7.50 A-701 Asharittu Elite (elite) Infantry 12 w/Javelin & Shield 12 w/Bow A-702 Hupshu (Peasant) Infantry 12 w/Javelin & Shield 12 w/Bow A-703 Levy Bowmen A-704 Assyrian Command -12 Foot Command & General's Two-Horse Chariot & Crew Cavalry - 8 @ 7.00 A-721 Assyrian Cavalry 4 w/Javelin & Shield 4 w/Bow Chariots A-731 Two-Horse Chariots & Crews {2} @ 7.50 A-732 Four-Horse Heavy Chariot & Crew @7.00
*************************************************** THE DESERT SUN IS OBSCURED BY THE DUST RAISED BY THE MOST POWERFUL CHARIOT FORCE OF ITS TIME! PHAROAH WOULD BE PLEASED!!! ***************************************************
NEW KINGDOM EGYPTIAN 1580 to 1085 B.C. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Infantry - 24 @ 7.50 A-751 Egyptian/Shardana Gaurd Inf {12 each} A-752 Spearmen A-753 Axemen A-754 Bowmen A-755 Nubian Bowmen A-756 Egyptian Command - 12 foot Command & Pharoah's Chariot & Crew Cavalry - 8 @ 7.00 A-771 Egyptian Mounted Scouts w/Bow CHariots & Chariot Runners @ 7.50 A-781 Two- Horse Charriots & Crews {2} A-782 Chariot Runners 12 w/Javelins & shield 12 w/bow

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A-601 Greek/Macedonian Artillerymen
A-602 Roman Artillerymen
A-603 Dart-Throwers
A-604 Greek/Macedonian Catapults
A-605 Roman Catapults