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MiniFigs / GFI strongly supports your local Hobby Emporium! Being experienced in the day to day work of stocking shelves and greeting customers, the folks at the new home of MiniFigs USA, Attactix Hobbies in Aurora Colorado, are well aware of the hard work and often not so enjoyable side of Hobby Retail.

It takes men and women of real dedication and love for what they do to make a hobby store work. Many of these men and women are highly skilled and could be making a lot more money than they do. But these are people who act on their feelings that a town needs a place where their fellow enthusiests can go to touch, smell and see (and yes, sometimes taste!) the many wonderful products we all enjoy. Their years of product and supplier knowledge is really what keeps those products coming. From the eager manufactorer to your table top; a feast of unprecidented new hobby items, and beloved old stalwarts that brought joy in our youth.

It takes time and dedication to stay in the "Game," we thought we would take a bit of time ourselves and showcase just a few of the best Hobby Stores in Your Town. So here is our Retailers of Reknown! list. Feel free to e-mail suggested candidates for our list!


Places to Shop!!

Aurora/Greater Denver, Colorado

Fairfax, Virginia
Little Wars

Glendale, Arizona
AJA Hobbies

Phillipsburg, Ohio
OutLand of Ohio

Seattle & Tacoma, Washington
American Eagles Hobbies, Inc.


We welcome your suggestions for great Hobby emporiums! Send yours today!

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