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Contact the CEO of the NEW MiniFigs USA, Tom Dye

If you live outside of the Western Hemisphere
(in Europe, Africa, Australia/New Zealand
& Asia. Antarctic orders via country of origin),
please send your orders to:
Miniature Figurines Limited
1/3 Graham Road
Southampton SO14OAX
United Kingdom (Attn: Neil)
Phone or Fax: (01703)220855

Euro Dollars Accepted!

If you live within the Western Hemisphere
(the Americas, North, Central & South),
please send your orders to:
Game Figures Inc.
538 Unit E Olathe St.
Aurora, Co. 80011
Phone: (303)361-6465
Fax   : (303)361-6475

Miniature Figurines brings you the very best in Wargames and Collectable 12mm . 15mm and 25mm Armies

A pioneer-legend in fine castings for every popular wargames and collectable historic period (and then some!) is proud to bring you new and updated molds and units packaged for value and utility! All in the finest lead-free pewter. 1999 means a new captain at the helm of MiniFigs USA, with a renewed commitment to excellent customer service and a ready supply of the figures and accessories that swept so many into the gaming and collecting world. As the century turns expect many "old friends" to return and supurb, never before seen additions!

Whether you want to lead the Pharaoh's might against the grim power of Assyria, lie hidden in a shadowy wood awaiting General Braddocks brash Redcoats, push Swedish pike against Imperialist might, unleash Moghul conquest or T'ang Chinese turmoil, throw a last desperate Panzer attack against the advancing Allies, you will find the figures and accessories to relive those moments in time, here, at MiniFigs!

Entering the MiniFigs World, be prepared to visit the fatal skies of WWI or the wooden-sided hell of Trafalger! Enter that world with a single chariot or an army. Don't forget! For a company known for decades for historical accuracy we also have an Orc or two lurking about in our listings, just waiting to help you create an alternative time-stream on your private table-top!

Known for crisp detail and paintability our castings lend themselves both to a meticulious master work destined for a museum quality diorama or a fast and dirty paint "wash". (So you can get those much needed reinforcements up on the line!) Little, it seems, in the world compares to the three dimensional recreation of a Napolionic Grande Armee` marching across a tabletop on a sunny afternoon, bayonets and breastplates glinting. You can hear the echos of long past Glories, the jangle of horse equipment, the rumble of cannon wheels. It all comes alive with MiniFigs castings and accessories!


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Tom has a new camera, here is our first collaboration! What do you think? (Amazing that this is of 6 mm irregulars!)